Designer: Friedemann Friese

Ever want to live the exotic life of an Enron executive with an interest in investing in literal garbage? Then Power Grid might be the game for you!

In Power Grid, you will buy power plants in an auction, and then buy the resources you need to power those power plants. You’ll then build buildings and connect them to your grid. The player who has managed to connect and power up the most buildings by the end of the game is the winner.

Interesting Feature: Resource Speculation. There are four resources for sale that power the various power plants you can build: coal, oil, garbage and uranium. The price is set firmly by the availability of the resource – resources heavily in demand will skyrocket in price, and savvy players will seek out plants that use underexploited resources. It’s a very simple yet elegant solution that creates healthy competition and encourages players to seek out alternative strategies.

Power Grid is somewhat of a dry subject matter, but it really is one of the best, most tightly balanced eurogames ever made. Players who like building infrastructure and auction mechanics should consider it a must-play.

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(Photo Credit: Thoughts from the Gameroom)