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Month: August 2009

Eve’s Unholy Rage

Eve has been waging war on RMTers in their game (in an operation they call Unholy Rage). Here’s a report on their efforts, with cool graphs showing the reduction of CPU process time and affection of resource prices. Check it out, it’s cool.

Re: Cataclysm

A few weeks ago, I argued that most people who have consumed old content in an MMO really don’t want to revisit it.

Rumor has it, Blizzard is betting I’m wrong.


Original comments thread is here.

The Art of Fun

So back to the rant that made me cranky.

Do games have to be fun to be successful? Almost certainly.

Does this mean that every game needs to push the same emotional buttons? No.

Let’s back up. Continue reading

Cliches I Wish Would Die

Guess how cranky this video made me.

If you guessed ‘pretty damn cranky’, then gold star for you. I can get into some of the other reasons in the future, but here’s one I’d like to center on: Continue reading

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