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Month: November 2008

Blizzard Thinks We Might Do Okay


To return the favor, I’ll just say that judging from the line around Gamestop last night, I think Lich King might sell a few copies.

On Disagreeing with Scott and Kotaku Simultaneously

Scott seems to think that the Call of Duty boys went a little too far.  Okay, so maybe “No Fear” and “No Rules” is a bit much.  That being said…

I’m an advertising major.  When I went to school, there were no game design degrees, and when I came out of school, We were still shaking off the Bush 41 recession (funny how history repeats itself). The first thing that happens in a recession is that companies cancel their advertising contracts, because then you can cut budget without laying people off.  So no ad companies were hiring junior guys, and through just plain blind luck I got into games for a living instead of writing toothpaste jingles. Continue reading

November 4, 2008

I’m liberal on social issues, but fiscally conservative.  This usually pushes me towards the democrat side of things, given that they agree with me on one of those two things, whereas the modern republican party agrees with me on neither.

Still, I think there is a better reason to vote for Obama than that: to me, it is important to punish incompetence, and the GOP has been incompetent for the last eight years, between 9/11, the war, Katrina and the current financial meltdown.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a game designer, it is that if you reward incompetence, you only get more incompetence in return.

But don’t let me change your mind – but do vote.  I think that the 2000 election alone has proven that voting matters.


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