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We Now Return To Your Regular Scheduled Random Posting…

As both of you may have noticed, this here blog took a little hiatus.  I assure you that there are two or three very, very good reasons why this blog disappeared for a little while.

  1. I was pushing to release Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to post stuff that might not be construed as a promise to our ever eager fan-base.  
  2. I was writing a column for Game Developer Magazine, and to be honest was having enough trouble finding content for THEM every other month, without also feeding the beast here.
  3. I am a lazy, lazy man.

Things have changed somewhat.  I’m now lead designer of SWTOR, which of course is best described as a dream come true.  As such, I’ll probably continue to stray from writing too much about MMO topics that might be confused with SWTOR discussions.  Such discussions should still happen on our own boards, when they do happen.  That being said, the Game Developer Magazine gig appears to have ended with the collapse of the magazine itself.

I am, however, still a very lazy man.

I have been looking at my backups of the old Zen of Design blog, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my backups include everything EXCEPT the old content, so all or some of that may be lost forever.  I will endeavor to see if I can dig up some of that old stuff, but at this time I make no promises.

But yeah, anyway, I’m back.