My name is Damion Schubert.  I am currently between gigs in the games industry – although that’s a fancy way of saying ‘unemployed’.

Until recently, I worked at BioWare Austin, most significantly working on Star Wars: The Old Republic for seven years.  In November of 2012, I was elevated to be the Lead Designer of the project.  My focus prior to that was on game systems, especially non-combat and non-story game systems:  I was the designer ultimately responsible for crew skills, item mods, and lead designer of the transition to Free to Play.

In 1995, I entered the industry as a designer on Meridian 59, a First Person 3D MMO that predated Ultima Online by a full year.  I served as lead designer on this project, as well as through two expansion packs.  I then went to work at Origin where I was lead designer of Ultima Online 2, a project that was ultimately cancelled, and then I spent time with a small startup called Ninjaneering that performed contract work for companies needing MMO expertise.  Our company offered design services to Earth and Beyond and the Sims Online.

I joined the Wolfpack Studios team right before Shadowbane shipped, and served as producer on the following two expansions.  After that, I jumped ship to Bioware: Austin, where I have been ever since.

I also am a frequent talker at GDC.  Until recently, I was also a frequent contributor to Game Developer Magazine, up until its recent demise.

You can contact me at damion <at>