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Month: November 2013

Design Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

Well, I had to get SOMETHING on launch day with my XBone because, as is well-documented, I’m a well-documented Playstation Hater.  In fact, one of my great joys about my shiny new console is that I will finally be able to watch Blu-Rays without using a PS3 controller (a controller that, I note, sometimes seems to drain itself if I watch 2 movies in a row, despite the fact that it does nothing but sit on the coffee table during that time).  So yay.

I chose Ryse because Crytek seems like a very good choice if you want to see how far a new console can go.  And for what it is, it is very good, if what you are looking for is a graphical tech demo.  And it is definitely a launch title – short, slightly buggy, and oddly enough, load times that alternate between being near instantaneous and up to 45 seconds long – sometimes for the same fight. Continue reading

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