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Month: February 2003

Babelfish to Crush

I was ICQ’ed this babelfish translation of Chinese press copy for Shadowbane.

“In the evil spirit sword world, the swarthy skin, glistens the armor, you are the soldier, strong powerful half giant soldier. In the evil spirit sword world, neat sends the hair bun, the red master ��, you are the evil spirit master, attractive humanity evil spirit master. In the evil spirit sword world, aside the body black leopard, commander-in-chief is mad the hunter short coverall, you are the female hunter, fills the jungle breath demon female hunter. Outside evil spirit sword world? I ���� take off the hard helmet, I want to see outside the game world that you.”

Thanks, Babelfish!

IGN MMO Roundtable

In my copious spare time, I’ve been taking part in the IGN roundtables for MMP developers. The first round can be found here and the followup is here. The next round will focus on PvP, an interesting topic, considering my new employer. As for the past round, I got odd compliments on my assertion that ‘MMPs aren’t fun’. I thought that perhaps I should be lynched.


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