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Collectibles Design

Extra Credits did a couple of great pieces talking about collectables design, discussing for example how Magic: the Gathering is brilliant and Rage of Bahamut is effectively ‘game design strip mining’ that threatens the public’s faith in F2P at the very core. ¬†Worth a view.


More Candy Crush Data

Tommy Palm gave more interesting data about Candy Crush:

  • The game has been downloaded and installed half a billion times.
  • 69% of UK fans play while commuting.
  • 78% of US fans play while watching TV.
  • Level 65 is the biggest cockblock level that forces players to spend.
  • However, 60% of the players who reach level 455 have done so without spending.

“We took the decision at King to make sure that the game can be played from the beginning to the very end without blocking a potential player so they couldn’t progress. It’s a lot about finding a good balance and being generous while at the same time having things that make sense to purchase inside.”