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Month: January 2003

Irony Fails to Impress Federal Judge

A federal judge has ruled that the X-men are not human, and for extra irony points, the link was released on Martin Luther King day. My girlfriend, who is no slouch in the geek department herself, looked absolutely mystified that I would be so troubled by this decision.

And finally, I don’t think I can get away without posting one man’s response to griefing.

I Am Now Designing To Crush

For those who actually wondered where I ended up: well, I’m going to be in a world of castles and catapults. Fun!

Teenage Lawnmower

Who says there are no more innovative game ideas?


Reality Check Bouncing for The Sims Oline

Well, the chatter all over the place is about the failure of the Sims online. Analysts are disappointed by sales thus far, and it’s not even in the top ten for the week it came out!

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UT2K3 Mod For Christians

Good News for Christian Video Gamers: Unreal Tournament 2003 Bible Based Maps and Characters are on the Way!

“I felt my heart flutter with excitement when Timothy was able to position Jesus in a spot under a tree on the Mount of Olives and get over 20 kills, but I was not pleased when a Muslim character snuck up behind Him and shot His head right off His shoulders!” said Pastor Deacon Fred, “And the character made a derogatory comment about the Lord, calling him a ‘camper.’”


(It’s a joke, son)

Nation States, and other Odds and Ends

I’ve found the most intriguing and addictive online game put up in the last 3 years. Create a nation, determine its level of political freedom, and lead as a benevolent ruler or a tyrannical despot. Unfortunately, the game is apparently running on an old Texas Instruments calculator, or something else that really can’t handle the load, but the game is nice in that it scales well to the level of involvement you want. You can put in a minute a day, and have something very near the BBS games of old, or you can join the United Nations and take part in the debates (which are, I might add, well worth the price of admission). Continue reading

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